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Hello. I’m Catrina Cat, and I’m the one who started the Calico Critter Shopping Network.

I live in Paris Circle in Bookland County, right around the Cafe Region, and one day a few years ago I had a novel idea – a real website that toys shop on! Some people had already done that, but much less than what people do today! Now there’s a couple different people who do that, including Tasha Doll who invented Flatwear, and many others. But for people who want to sell things on the network but don’t really know how to begin? That’s where I step in and lend them a hand. In that difficult moment when you don’t really know if you really want to or if it’s just too hard, I will help! You simply fill out a form about your small business, and I’ll lend you a hand and help you get it on the network!

Right now I’m receiving applications from people who want to sell on the network – Maybe you’ll be one of them someday!



What are you looking for?

Here we have four basic categories – Furniture and Linens, Clothing and Accesories, Garden, and Restuarants and Groceries. Click on the icons below to view their products!

Furniture & Linens

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Restuarants & Groceries

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I’m a small business owner who lives in Cloverleaf City, and I had always dreamed of selling on the network, and Catrina has made it possible. Thank you Catrina!

- Ria Red Panda

I own a wood carving shop just east of Krittery, and have always had trouble finding customers because of my out-of-the-way location. Through the network, everyone can easily acces my shop. Thank you Mrs. Cat!

- Donald Sugar Rabbit

I’m a professional pianist and have given concerts in many different opera houses, and just recently have started composing. I have been writing classical conpositions now for piano since November, and am eager to start selling them on the network so that everyone can acces them! Thank you truly, Catrina, for making this possible!

- Lionel Lion

Get Started

Do you fell inspired to sell products from your small business on the network? Simply fill out this small form and write in the ‘Message’ area some information about your business, then send it to Catrina Cat and – as easy as that – your business is on the network!